March 17, 2018: Incubate

It seemed a moment too late.

The anger in Hershen was real, and so were the words that revealed her anger to the world. It all happened so fast. She reacted suddenly. Her shoulders tensed, her eyes narrowed, and her will surrendered to her anger. First, she yelled, but she was alone in the room. This angered her even more — people must know! Second, she slammed her fingers onto her computer keyboard to compose the email that she wished she didn’t send soon after sending. A spoken word that falls on ears has a different effect — there is tone, timing, and tension in the voice. The written word remains there, in your face, reminding the reader what you wrote, and showing you what you just revealed. Hershen’s written word was composed in anger. She shared it, in anger. She would have used different words, but instead she used those words. The ones that she could not take back. Had she let her anger sit. Had she let it incubate into a better anger. An anger that she would keep to herself until it was ready for use, until it had reached a maturity. Then, Hershen could have sent her anger toward her ambition. She could have used her anger as fuel to fulfill ambition. She could have embraced it. Instead, she surrendered. She only realized that a moment too late.



Holy Rock

December 23, 2017: Communal

With their fists in the air and swords in their fists, the Mellijeens stormed to Holy Rock. Word came that the Willenish were seen at Holy Rock just two days after the Artuans announced their crusade to the same sacred stone. Tensions were at their highest in the Land of Lorde.

For around sixty years, these three communities grew further apart. Born on the same soil and under the same sun, they shared common hopes but different claims over the Holy Rock. The Mellijeens, the eldest of the three tribes, claimed Holy Rock as theirs and only theirs. It is where their hope in life began — where the miracle of Misa took place. The Willenish believed that they knew better. They believed that Misa’s purpose was to inspire Eban to hold a mirror to the Mellijeen’s conscious and lead the reformers to a new light, a light that shone brightest from Holy Rock. Meanwhile, the Artuans saw themselves as the gatekeepers of Holy Rock. To the Artuans, the Mellijeens and the Willenish were too consumed with each other. It was the first Artuan, Tovul, who ascended to the heavens from Holy Rock and brought back down the direct word of Lorde. The Artuans took it upon themselves to safeguard the Holy Rock and to spread the Word to all lands.

And so, the historic Clash of Lorde began over the right to Holy Rock. The Mellijeens, the Willenish, and the Artuans stained their hands with each others blood for hundreds of years to come, at the foot of the communal Holy Rock.


The World Above

December 18, 2017: Compass

In only 24 hours, we compassed the world. It was hard to see exactly what was happening 30,000 feet below, but we knew when we were above Ghana, India, the Black Sea, Turkmenistan, and all other pockets of the world. High in the sky, we heard their stories that had drifted into the clouds above them. Above the Nile, we met all-powerful gods and goddesses. Above China, we danced with dragons and filled our bellies with the splendors of cuisine. Above the Pacific Ocean, we flew among pterodactyls and swam with magnificent whales. Twenty-four hours later, we descended back to land. I hailed a cab and gazed out the window onto the city streets, then up again at the world above.


The Guardsman

September 12, 2017: Disobey

Not one comrade disobeyed the order. The order was strict, non-negotiable, and without exception. Yet, the guardsman could not hold on any longer. He collapsed. His friends did not even watch, the rules did not allow it. So, the young man lay there, unconscious, with his comrades by his side, obeying orders.


Jaromir’s Peculiarities

September 10, 2017: Peculiar

Jaromir was not the most handsome gentleman around, though a gentleman still. He had a strange face – very small forehead, very large eyebrows, super small eyes, a razor thin nose, a fat upper lip and skinny lower lip, very long cheeks and a triangle chin. Chessa was his love, and he was hers. Chessa was slightly taller than Jaromir. She had a symmetric face and warm brown eyes. Chessa did not love Jaromir despite his physical peculiarities, but partly because of them. They helped make Jaromir who he is, a gentleman with a range of loving, charming and caring personal peculiarities. They make him as resilient and hopeful as anyone she has ever met.



Stuttering Stan

September 9, 2017: Overcome

Stan’s stutter often stopped him from realizing his potential. He would watch his classmates in the debate club argue over issues that mattered to him. Issues of justice, equity and social welfare. He watched from afar, resigning his own participation, held back by his stutter. He stuck to listening, passively and helplessly. When his friends would talk about girls, Stan would timidly step back, knowing that his stutter added too much pressure for his courage to handle – approaching her was already hard enough.

When he saw his ideological opponent win the debate competition, when he learned his friend asked out his crush, and when he realized his life would only continue this way, Stan set out to make a change. He began to meditate. He began to practice speaking more often, despite the laughs and awkward looks. He began to accept himself. He slowed his thoughts down.

He practiced day and night, night and day until he overcame. He still stuttered, but not like before. The difference for Stan, he realized, was that he was not at peace with himself. He wanted to be like the others around him. In the end, Stan overcame his stutter by being himself.


In Finite

September 7, 2017: Finite

Between 0 and 1 lies an infinite amount of numbers.

Among 88 keys exist an infinite combination of sounds.

Inside one’s brain hums infinite thoughts.

Within one glance lies an infinite truth.

The infinite lives in the finite.


Ashleigh Comes of Age

September 6, 2017: Anticipate

In some sense, it was better for her not to anticipate anything at all. Ashleigh was coming up in the world, ready to take it by storm. She left her loving community for the big city, far far away. When she arrived, Ashleigh could not hold back her wonderment. Sky high buildings, flashing lights, beautiful people of all shapes and sizes, and everything she imagined it to be. After settling in to her new, humble abode, Ashleigh was ready to live the life she dreamed. It did not take long for her wonderment to turn to confusion, anxiety, and disillusionment, however. The way the world worked outside her corner of it was much different than she anticipated.

Commitments, responsibilities, personal relationships, romantic relationships, politics, international affairs, racial relations, injustice, historical inequities. All these things merged with love, hope, creativity, ambition, inspiration, the new and exciting.

It was a lot for young Ashleigh, all at once, but she has a strong heart. She began to write to herself. She began to think for herself. She began to take the world as it is.

She began to let go.