Holy Rock

December 23, 2017: Communal

With their fists in the air and swords in their fists, the Mellijeens stormed to Holy Rock. Word came that the Willenish were seen at Holy Rock just two days after the Artuans announced their crusade to the same sacred stone. Tensions were at their highest in the Land of Lorde.

For around sixty years, these three communities grew further apart. Born on the same soil and under the same sun, they shared common hopes but different claims over the Holy Rock. The Mellijeens, the eldest of the three tribes, claimed Holy Rock as theirs and only theirs. It is where their hope in life began — where the miracle of Misa took place. The Willenish believed that they knew better. They believed that Misa’s purpose was to inspire Eban to hold a mirror to the Mellijeen’s conscious and lead the reformers to a new light, a light that shone brightest from Holy Rock. Meanwhile, the Artuans saw themselves as the gatekeepers of Holy Rock. To the Artuans, the Mellijeens and the Willenish were too consumed with each other. It was the first Artuan, Tovul, who ascended to the heavens from Holy Rock and brought back down the direct word of Lorde. The Artuans took it upon themselves to safeguard the Holy Rock and to spread the Word to all lands.

And so, the historic Clash of Lorde began over the right to Holy Rock. The Mellijeens, the Willenish, and the Artuans stained their hands with each others blood for hundreds of years to come, at the foot of the communal Holy Rock.


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