August 31, 2017: Memorize

She had all the answers. Everyone came to Ditma for advice. Close friends, classmates, family members, friends of friends, neighbors, girls, boys, women, men, even parents. They came to Ditma for guidance on all their problems: career advice, study lessons, overcoming self-doubt, relationship troubles, high anxiety, financial woes, fitness and nutrition, the whole gammut. Many had not slept for days, but after they met with Ditma, their frantic minds would slow down and they sleep without a hiss.

Ditma would patiently listen to the troubled souls vent their fears and troubles. She would give them their full attention, and her ear. Once her desperate clients would finish talking, they would look at Ditma with longing eyes. Ditma would then close her own eyes – though this part of it was really for show, and her own amusement – then open them back up again, and simply repeat an approach she memorized from the internet on how to tackle the challenge of her particular client. It was quite simple, really, but what made Ditma different was not her uncanny memory and stock of recipes. Rather, it was her ear. She listened. People felt respected. All along, they had the answers they were looking for. They just needed a boost, from Ditma.




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