Rap is Poetry

August 29, 2017: Rhyme

Rap is poetry
A way of telling a story through rhyme and imagery
Figuratively or literally, expressing ideas to get out the inner-me.

It has a flow
Gets in your know so you can take it with you
Out the do’, full rhymin’ in your head gets your swagger fed.

It goes beyond what’s written,
Adds emotion and motion to the tone that it’s given.
Connects your mind with your movements, gets you in some groove then.

It could have a beat,
Get your feet bangin’ or slidin’ up the street.
Your body repeats and gets those legs to tweak.


It could send a message
of justice and society, of fear and courage.
Of focus and sobriety, of hope and encouragement.

Of a tale one would read in a poem,
He hears it in a rap song,
He feels it in a euphoric sing-a-long.
He connects to the poetry,
All knowingly and sometimes uncontrollably,
Letting each rhyme stop time line after line.
Time after time again.

by Karim Foda

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