A Higher Truth

August 27, 2017: Homage

Antawn entered the world on January 27, 1970 in the Southeastern United States. He wasn’t Antawn then – the full grown, handsome civil rights attorney we know today. He was a blank slate, perhaps with some hereditary tendencies. Antawn could have been Abejide, Ngoyo, Kareem, Michael, Alex, Pablo, Dhruv, Chi, or Gale. He spent his early years wide-eyed and impressionable, much like any child. Born into modest means, he had not seen much of the world beyond the American South. He struggled to understand the history of the land he was born into. Antawn couldn’t go far without seeing homage to the old Confederacy, when his family would have been beaten, tortured and robbed of humanity for no reason at all but the pitfalls of humanity. Flags, statues and plaques commemorating this era loomed over Antawn for years as he grew into Antawn. He then took it upon himself to pay homage to a higher truth. He dedicated his life to civil rights, spreading the truth that we are all Antawns, Pablos, Michaels and Dhruv’s.



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