A Symphony of Flames

August 3, 2017: Symphony 

Sabrina slowly stepped into a small, quiet cave. All she could hear were echoes of drops dripping onto a puddle on the muddy cave floor. All she could see was darkness surrounding a faint, flickering light that seemed to be coming from deeper within the cave. Sabrina apprehensively stepped further towards the light. She was a curious person, and it was curiosity that led her into the cave in the first place. Something was always on her mind, racing or pacing. The mystery of the nothingness of caves caught Sabrina’s imagination, and so she stepped into the cave, and stepped forth. She turned a corner in pursuit of this mysterious light. By now, the echoes of the drops she heard had bounced back before making it far enough into the deeper tunnels of the cave. It was now complete silence, and the light was getting stronger.

Sabrina turned another corner and her jaw dropped at what she saw. Eyes wide open, hands to her sides and feet planted on the ground like steel anchors, Sabrina gazed in wonder at a symphony of flames burning from the cave walls. She was now in a smaller side-cave that burned with natural light in the heart of darkness. Each flame burned with a kind of stoicism that erected Sabrina’s spine and humbled her senses. Together, the flames burned in symphony: One light, one beauty, deep within a dark, silent cave. Sabrina remained in place for hours, it seemed. At least long enough for all her thoughts–racing and pacing–to succumb to the harmony of the symphony.



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