July 31, 2017: Substandard

Paul practiced everyday. He knew the old adage as well as anyone: “Practice makes perfect.” He practiced before he practiced, and then he practiced some more. Over and over again. Paul practiced until he couldn’t practice anymore, which perplexed Paul and troubled him deeply. The more one practices, the closer he gets to perfect, then the more he wants to practice! So, Paul was confused by his lack of want. This did not stop Paul from practicing more, though he struggled to find meaning in continuous repetition. On Performance Day, he performed better than anyone else, until the final section, however. The prompt deviated off script and Paul was on his heels. His performance in the final section was substandard, and he did not win the competition. After all that practice, he thought he would be devastated. Years later, Paul looked back with wisdom. It was all so clear. Paul repeated tasks, but he did not deliberately seek to excel. He did not have fun practicing.

People rarely succeed at anything unless they have fun doing it.”




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