What am I?

July 3, 2017: Dash

I was surrounded by the only thing that I knew: my own kind. Up, down and all around. We were all the exact same, give or take some microscopic differences in our proportions. There were so many of us that nobody ever tried to guess the right number because the effort to find out was too painstaking. Most settled with “a gazillion”, and they were probably right.

We were discovered a few thousand years ago and have been of great interest since. If it wasn’t for us, who knew if humanity could have exploded from a few thousand to more than a few billion so quickly.

Since my own inception – if I can even call it that – my fate was determined. With such an important purpose to human life, and with the enormous volume of us all around the world, it never really mattered what I wanted. How could something as insignificant as myself ever stand out from the gargantuan crowd? My only hope was to separate into just a dash of us (which translates into at least a few hundred, maybe a few thousand), to be sprinkled over a fine meal that can make one person’s day at least marginally better, if only for a brief moment.



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