Past and Present

October 28, 2016: Rearrange

He let out a sigh of relief, nostalgia, and ambivalence. Tre had spent the last eighteen hours rummaging through his past – pictures, journals, souvenirs, gifts, creations – without pausing for a moment. He was prompted to summon his past in its entirety by his motivation to rewrite it.

Tre was a middle child of five. His older sisters live in Washington DC with powerful jobs and influence. Tara is President Ciara’s chief of staff and Tina is a senator from their home state of Thebes. His younger brothers are overseas, somewhere. Last time he heard from Tobin was when he let the family know he bought a penthouse on the River Thames in London – who knows where he got all that money. Tarek might be somewhere in the West Indies, he had always been a roamer. Their parents were back home in Thebes, but Tre made an oath to himself that he would never return. He never wanted to go back to where he was forgotten. Infrequent phone calls and text messages are enough to keep his obligatory familial relationships alive, he thought. After thirteen years, though, Tre found that the ground underneath him had shifted. His heart now beats at a different pace and his mind has exhausted every corner of his imagination. Tre did not want to face what he has been running from; it was more than enough to admit that he has been running. In a last attempt to reclaim his voyage, he sought to rearrange his past. Perhaps that would make him a different person. Perhaps that would give him purpose.



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