The Sahara Dawn

October 27, 2016: Smoke

The first ray of sunlight had not yet emerged when Yurik opened his eyes to the last moments of the night sky. Winter was coming, but it had not yet arrived. Every year at this time, Yurik escapes from town and to meditate in the open desert. The vast Sahara makes clear the beauty of the bare Earth against the changing light of the open sky above. All that is between is the air that Yurik breathes. Every morning it meets the first ray of light before it the stars fade into the orange, then sepia, then metallic blue light. At the turn of winter, the air thickens and moistens. As the light makes its way from the Earth’s eastern curve, the cold winter air comes to sight in a smoke of fog. In these moments, Yurik watches his breath occupy an infinite space between the desert below and the infinite above, encircled by an emancipated light in the smokey fog of the moist Sahara dawn.



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