October 23, 2016: Artificial

First Oku said, “I only use original stuff, the real deal!” Then Jihan replied, “Yeah me too, I like to know that my stuff is actual, not artificial.” Pedro chimed in, “That’s authentic, I respect that. Artificial intelligence, artificial flavor, artificial sounds – it’s nothing but second best.” Stacey seconded, “I mean, what’s the point of being fake if you stay true to yourself?! Artificial? I don’t think so!” The group went on, encouraging each other’s sense of self and righteousness. Meanwhile, Xiaolu sat back and did not comment. For Xiaolu, artificial is a good word. It gave him his prosthetic limbs, allowing him to live a life as close to his old one, before his accident, as much as possible. It allowed him to walk his daughter to school and to take a shower on his own. Xiaolu was thankful for artificial. He decided to let the group continue along. They were feeling good about themselves. He knew how artificial their sense of righteousness was.



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