October 22, 2016: Volunteer

I agreed to show Lane around town. He was new to Fellowtown. He moved from The City to live a new life. He wanted a reset. No, he needed a reset. He had been surrounded by millions of people, knew some of their names, but understood nothing about them. That is how it was in The City – the loneliest metropolis in the country. I met Lane in college but we never really knew each other. He kept a distance in bigger crowds, so it was strange that he would then settle in The City. I wonder what he sought. Anyway, he contacted me the day before he moved to Fellowtown and we met two days later. He was well dressed, clean shaven with slicked back black hair, but with an awkward disposition. He stood hunched over with feet pointed inwards, but with an eager expression beaming from his round face. Within moments, he was sharing with me the most personal details of his life. Unprompted, he volunteered information about himself that few people would share with anyone. I must look so uncomfortable, I thought to myself. I wondered about Lane. He was a mysterious fellow and I gathered that he was a lonely one. He wanted to connect with someone, anyone, about anything. That is why he came to Fellowtown. That is why he reached out to me. We approached a popular coffee shop and grabbed a seat at the open table by the window to watch the townspeople walk about. I acted interested in what Lane had to say. I wanted him to feel welcome in Fellowtown, that he could just be himself. After all, all he needed was an interaction, and so I volunteered.



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