Pyramid Street

October 20, 2016: Ancient

Pyramid Street is the most chaotic in Cairo. Lanes and traffic lights are a dream. Hatchbacks, microbuses, mopeds, trucks, donkeys, carts, men, women, children, cats and dogs all share a big road made narrow by the fruit stands and shacks encroaching ever-further from the broken and muddy sidewalks. An inch of space is quickly overtaken by the next person anxious to get ahead. Manners and patience bring no benefits on Pyramid Street. Large tourist buses have no choice but to take this path to their destination – the other roads are either too small for buses or too broken to allow for any vehicle but a moped. Taxis with foreigners barely move an inch without being stopped by an unofficially official tour guide hoping to earn a few disloyal piasters in order to bite into a falafel sandwich. At the end of Pyramid Street stand the Great Pyramids of Giza. Magnificent remnants of the glory of Ancient Egypt, thousands of years earlier. Eternal monuments of humanity’s greatest civilization, juxtaposed at the foot of Pyramid Street.



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