Another Way

September 27, 2016: Unfinished

It was as if the world stopped spinning and she was chasing the night. Either too many or too few ideas would come to her at once. Niara stood at a juncture, musing over whether to make sense of what she started or to conjure a path to closure. Two little birds were perched on each of her shoulders, whispering persuasive nothings into her ears. She went back and forth like a pendulum in a vacuum. Niara wanted to break free, to leave it behind and to start anew. But one of the birds admonished her of unfinished business. It was the wisdom of the ages to finish what one begins. Yet Niara, stuck as she was between up and down, left and right, and East and West, sought another way. She looked down at her notebook with her pen in hand and marked an X over the letter she was writing. Niara stretched her arms high towards the sky as she relieved a most liberating breathe which carried the birds on her shoulders off into the distance.


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