The Steady Hand Speech

September 24, 2016: Panic

Professors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and investors clashed over optimism and pessimism as panic took hold across the land. Profitable media outlets and expedient politicians seized the moment, aggravating society’s angst for self-interested gain. Households around the country were in a panic: robots have taken over many of their jobs, mortgages have become too burdensome to fulfill and the drinking water has been contaminated with poison. A sense of unease has grown into a full blown panic, and people began to turn on one another. The gap between the haves and have nots seemed insurmountable. The only option was to take up arms. The leader of this nation was surrounded by the elite classes who benefit from a different fate, but he himself was of a different breed. In a sudden move, he replaced his entire administration with new, capable public-spirited people. He delivered an impassioned address to the nation that soon thereafter, once the panic was replaced with trust, became known as The Steady Hand Speech.


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