Jumping Jumpa

September 22, 2016: Jump

Jumpa jumped, hopped and skipped only. It’s not that she didn’t know how to walk, but that she couldn’t walk. From a young age, Jumpa has suffered from Exnay Pedestrious Disease that kept her from walking. As determined as she was to not let this evil disease bully her into depending on others to get around, Jumpa became quite skilled at jumping. She jumped on one leg at a time, two legs, alternating legs, varying heights, varying distances, fast, medium and slow. School was two miles away and she jumped there and back every school day. Sometimes she would skip or hop, but never walk. This meant that Jumpa typically jumped alone. The other kids felt awkward, strange or uncool jumping around the way Jumpa did, so they stayed away from her. One day, Jumpa jumped so high that she hit her head on the ceiling and broke her ankle as she landed on the ground. The doctor told her she couldn’t jump, hop or skip for another 8 months, practically a full school year. Jumpa was heartbroken. She was now immobile and had to use a wheelchair. The other kids at school had never seen anyone on a wheelchair before, especially at such a young age. They felt bad for Jumpa and felt guilty for never befriending her. It was too late to make friends now, Jumpa wouldn’t accept anyones pity. One day, Jumpa arrived at school and noticed that everyone was jumping. The other students, teachers, even the principal! She was confused. When the school bell rang and everyone took their seats to begin the day, there was an announcement on the loudspeaker proclaiming today as an annual Jumpathon Day, in honor of Jumpa. Jumpa smiled so wide that her cheeks squinched her eyes closed, beginning to swell and tear. She never really cared about walking.



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