Concert Moments

September 20, 2016: Silence

Lara arrived at the concert hall full of anticipation for the third time that week. Although she was deaf, she was an avid concert-goer. Punk rock, hip hop, classical, reggae, heavy metal, country – she loved them all. Hearing-impaired, Lara did not care for the sound of the music. Yet in the silence of the gleeful crowd, she immersed herself in its rhythm. The clothes, the dancing, the passionate lip-singing – it was all as loud as the sound blasting from the speakers. Sharing those moments with her fellow concert-goers meant the world to Lara. When the sound was loudest, everyone was deaf to each other. Unable to hear the music herself, her only connection was through the spirit of the crowd. Among all the happy faces, Lara’s would always shine brightest.


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