Cool Slang

September 19, 2016: Hike

She didn’t know when it happened, but she knew when she realized it. Years ago, then 25-year old Marta made a pledge to herself: Never lose touch with cool. For the most part, Marta remained pretty cool. Her humor was smart, her style was expressive, and her attitude calm and collected. One day, her son Remy had just returned home from school and was telling Marta about the sick new lockers that were installed at the middle school. Marta blankly stared at her teenage son, wondering how in the world a locker can be sick. Remy went on to fill his mom in on the beef between Principal Sandhu and Mr. Olani and how turnt the whole school got when Remy’s buddy C Buck broke it down at lunchtime to Loko’s new hit single. Marta’s expression remained unchanged. She just stared at her son thinking how ridiculous the new wave of slang words are becoming. Remy kept going on, and Marta couldn’t hold it in any longer. She interrupted Remy and told him, “Listen, Remy, if you keep talking like that, you’ll need to take a hike!” Now it was Remy’s turn to stare blankly at his mom, wondering why she would order him to go on a hike on a schoolday. At that point, Marta realized it. She thought of the pledge she made to herself when she was 25 and thought, “Cool is so relative”.


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