A Crisp Morning

September 18, 2016: Passionate

He awoke to a crisp breeze settling gently onto his warm, bearded cheeks. The faint song of birds lifted the edges of his wide lips to a peaceful smile. The emerging rays of light from the orange sunrise met his half open brown eyes. Long crimson drapes flowed lightly on each side of the open glass doors that led to a small balcony overlooking a fresh water creek. He gently rose from bed, stretched his long arms toward the high ceiling and pressed his planted feet into the hard-wood floor. Inhaling through his big nose then exhaling from his mouth, he brought his arms back down to his sides and stepped into the kitchen to brew a cup of dark roast coffee in his faithful French press. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee traveling through the crisp morning air soothed his passionate soul. The young man poured his coffee into his favorite red mug, picked up his pen and journal from his bedside table and stepped out onto the balcony. He took a seat and sipped his coffee, appreciating the tranquility of every breath he took. The young man opened his journal and began to write of the little things that made him happy.


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