Need for Speed

September 17, 2016: Together

Ren ran faster than anyone. He loved to race. He joined track & field at a young age and became a star sprinter in his community. Later, Ren became the captain of the national team and represented his country in the Olympics, shattering world records. Speed was his talent. Ren’s entire work ethic was dedicated to speed and it didn’t stop with athletics. Ren’s need for speed spilled over into many aspects of his life. He was a laid back person, but when he wanted something, he wanted it fast. When reading a book, he wanted to finish it quickly. When having dinner, he would scarf his food down. When talking to friends, he would speak so fast he often had to repeat himself. When studying a new subject, he wanted to become an expert overnight. He was often frustrated with life outside of the track, everything moved so slow. One day, Ren ran away to a secluded lake that he would escape to when he wanted to be alone. He brought a book with him. It was a chance for him to try something new – slowing it down. Ren opened the book which began with an old African proverb: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Ren took a deep breath and thought of all the people he loved. He set the book down, laid back onto the grass and stared above into the sepia-tinted sky while the sun slowly faded away.


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