The World of Yesterday

September 16, 2016: Fragile

Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream became reality. The government fulfilled its promissory note, with interest. Young black and white girls held hands and old black and white men locked arms. Knowledge was cool and travel to distant lands was seen as a rite of passage into cultured adulthood. The nation had progressed to a state where war and instability were ancient history. Yet humanity is always vulnerable to the fictitiousness of perfection. Thus peace, security and progress is always fragile. This fragility was acute in a distant land and is the basis of that land’s demagoguery. The demagogue himself was akin to Adolf Hitler. He led the world back to the world of yesterday, one vulnerability at a time.

Inspired by The World of Yesterday by Stefan Zweig



3 thoughts on “The World of Yesterday

    • Thank you! The demagogue certainly preyed on the circumstances of the country like Hitler. He preyed on the vulnerabilities of a fragile society. History tells us how bad the consequences of going down that path can be. History lessons that are so important today, when many nations and peoples feel fragile.

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