The Council

September 14, 2016: Perplexed

The meeting room was decorated with symbolic fixtures that dated back to the birth of the Republic. Each Council-member sat in a seat that had been occupied by a long line of predecessors. The Council that convened at this meeting was similar in its makeup with all the Councils that came before it. The Republic, on the other hand, was fissuring along its fault lines that had remained buried for centuries thanks to an uncontested allegiance to the Council of the Republic. As the Council convened in the meeting room, they struggled to avoid the turbulence in the land that they are responsible for governing. The idea of responding to the Republic perplexed them. For centuries, the Republic responded to them. That evening, the big statue of the Seal of the Republic – a scale of liberty that tipped towards justice by the weight of an olive branch – watched over the Council’s perilous obstinance.


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