September 12, 2016: Zing!

For a moment, the coast was clear. Arthur did not hesitate to run downstairs as quickly as possible towards the kitchen. He climbed on to the top of the counter so he could reach the cookie jar and in a hurry grabbed 4 double chocolate-chip cookies. After quickly rearranging the cookie jar so no one would notice that someone had been rummaging through the sweets, Arthur hopped off the kitchen counter and ran back upstairs as fast as he could. As he flew by his parent’s room in the upstairs hallway to get to his room, his father suddenly jumped out to block Arthur’s path and yelled “Zing!” Arthur ran right into him and fell back onto his bum, watching in slow motion the cookies spiral through the air and onto the ground, shattering into pieces. Defeated, Arthur went back to his room, now with an extra two hours added before he could play again.


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