Through Words

September 8, 2016: Elegant

He sat down on his hard wooden chair in front of his aging desk. He grabbed his pen and stared at the blank paper on the uneven surface of the wobbly desk-top. He could see his breath when he exhaled, and he exhaled heavily. It was hard to breath in such a cold room. He had to take his mind off his discomfort, so he set out to write without knowing what to write. Word by word, he removed his attention from his surroundings and warped into another reality of man. He translated this reality with pen in hand, replacing blank space on a paper with a story of life’s profound simplicity. Years later, this paper was found in a far corner of a library by a curious student who quickly realized that he stumbled on the most elegant tale of life itself, told by a character stranded all alone on a warm, sunny island.


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