September 1, 2016: Shiver

His hearing and sense of smell were as strong as his hopes and dreams. Without sight, he only knew her voice, her scent, and the texture of her long, wavy hair. He knew her silence well. She was by his side, and that made him rich. He was thus more fortunate than many who could see the sun set and the stars flicker. He woke every morning with a prayer, blessed with a new day, before turning on the radio to listen to the news. One morning, he learned of a new scientific discovery that can restore sight to the blind. He froze. Two weeks later, she drove him to the ophthalmologist. She waited in the waiting room for four hours before the doctor opened the door and called her in. She calmly walked into the room as her heart raced. There he was, seated on a chair with his eyes covered. She sat down directly across from him. The doctor carefully removed the covering and gently told him to open his eyes. He did, slowly. The first thing he saw was her sitting right in front of him, eyes red with tears flowing down her loving face. He knew it was her. She looked just like he knew she would. His big brown eyes were fixed on hers. His lips began to shiver as he closed his eyes once more, recounting his blessings.


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