Big Muscles

August 24, 2016: Miniature

Jay knew what he needed to do. He spent his whole life overlooked, an afterthought to many. His bony arms couldn’t fill the smallest shirt sleeve and no pair of pants were cool enough to disguise his awkwardly skinny legs. Girls would stare at him, wondering what kind of lotions and face creams could handle such a pimply face. Jay didn’t believe in himself, and neither did MTV. He wasn’t the only overlooked teenager, but there was a difference between him and his peers: they were fine the way they were. Jay, on the other hand, was not. To be happy with himself, he set out to make a change. He began running before school every morning, lifting weights at every lunch time, then doing sit-ups, pull-ups, and push-ups after every school day. His muscles began to grow and his pimples began to fade. Within six months, all the girls took notice, and the guys too. He styled his hair, wore new clothes, and went to the hippest concerts. He received all the validation he thought he needed, but he still wasn’t satisfied. There was a nagging discomfort in his gut that left him wondering how valid his newly earned confidence really was. He noticed the other skinny, awkward kids who used to join him for lunch laughing with each other. Inside his big strong body remained a miniature Jay, looking out onto others, still wondering what it is that really matters.


4 thoughts on “Big Muscles

  1. So sad, yet so real of many teenagers. For some this continues into adulthood. Finding oneself is a life’s journey and it doesn’t happen the same way for everyone. Poor children who are ignored, hopefully they find love and appreciation at some point in their lives so they can value themselves.
    This writing really touched me. Thank you for writing this.

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    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. Certainly true that for some this continues into adulthood and manifests itself in many ways, some common and some less so. A reminder how all should be kind and appreciate each other, always!

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