Never Forget

August 20, 2016: Youth

It all happens for the first time. Seti was in awe when he first visited the bears and lions at the downtown zoo. He never felt awe before. The first playground Seti would frequent became a fantasy world. He made his first friend and played his first make-believe game at The Commons. The experiences of Seti’s youth were his first ever, and they were literally his entire world. Seti had a big heart, and he held his world dear. As he got older, his experiences became more common – they were no longer firsts. He realized quickly that he was getting older. In fact, it was his first time getting older. This made him sad. He vowed to never forget his world before getting older. One time, waiting for his mom to pick him up from The Commons, he grazed his hand over a concrete ledge and told himself “I will never forget this touch.” His mom picked him up, they went home to finish packing. And the next day they took off to the airport to begin a new life in a different town.

Years later, Seti returned. He was a young adult by then. Tall, long slim legs and broad shoulders. He returned to visit some old friends for a reunion in the nearest big city, and for old times sake made a trip to the town that was responsible for his first memories. It was a lot smaller than he remembered. He felt nostalgic, happy and fascinated. He stopped at The Commons and approached the concrete ledge whose touch he swore he would never forget. He touched the ledge and a tear escaped his eye. It was a tear of happiness and a tear of sadness. Sadness for the sadness he felt that day. Happiness for the life that he lived since that day, made fulfilling by the warmth in his young heart that carried him through to adulthood and back to where he made his first memories.




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