A Man’s Heart

August 19, 2016: Eyes

Luol strolled up 14th street one Saturday night on his way home. He spent the whole day engulfed in a book that he could not put down until the the coffee shop owner kindly said to him, “Luol, honey, we can’t stay open all night. It’s Saturday and I am sure many fine young ladies would rather you turn your eyes to them than on that big ol’ book!” Luol smiled, inserted his bookmark and gently made his way out of the coffee shop and onto 14th street. On his way home, he had to pass through a rowdy block with youngsters in party clothes, stumbling and fumbling trying to impress each other. He walked his regular controlled pace, head up and shoulders relaxed. He passed the crowd and was now only two blocks from his city apartment when he caught the attention of three girls wearing miniskirts and laughing hysterically at who-knows-what. One of them stepped towards Luol and with a slight giggle asked him, “Excuse me, is it true that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” Luol paused and looked into the distance before he looked back at the girl. With his low, deep voice, he confidently replied: “No, it is through his eyes.” He then continued his slow walk home, eager to get back to his book.




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