The Interview

August 6, 2016: Stubborn

The candidate tapped his fingers on the table as he tapped his feet on the ground at an increasingly anxious pace. He tried to focus on his breath as he waited alone in the small, barren office. It was a highly advised strategy to regain composure before a high stakes interview. As he was counting to 10 in his head, the interviewer walked in, greeted the candidate, and sat down right in front of him. They faced each other and the interviewer opened the conversation by asking, “What is your greatest weakness?” The candidate anticipated this question and followed the advice he read at He replied “I am stubborn”. The interviewer was unamused: “I get it, you are passionate, but are you honest?” The candidate’s feet began to tap rapidly again. The interviewer smiled softly and said, “We know what the internet suggests. This is not a textbook formula. We value authenticity here. Now, let’s begin a conversation. Tell me, what will the world look like in 10 years?”. The candidates foot stopped tapping and he found his breath. He was so happy that the internet was wrong. Stubbornly wrong.



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