A Painting

August 7, 2016: Paint

A single, large tree stood at the foot of a small pond. Its long branches claiming bushels of thick, light green leaves that hardly move with the traffic of birds and squirrels. It cast a cooling shade on the ground beneath. The sun above pulsated in white heat, diluting the blue of the sky into the lightest shade of indigo. The faintest of clouds drifted above in a laziness that mirrored the life beneath, just under the tree and around the pond. A fox lay on its back while a young girl lay on her stomach on the opposite end of the pond. She faced down into the water, staring at her reflection drift about the faint ripples created from the leaves that would fall intermittently from the tree branches above. About four meters away stood an older woman with a canvas against a tripod. She was painting her perspective of what she saw ahead, above, and below.



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