Jack and Jim

August 3, 2016: Muse

Jack and Jim could not be separated from each other. Catching lizards, playing basketball, fighting bullies, discussing politics, growing up – they had each other’s back. They went to the same university, Jack studied economics and Jim majored in literature. They partied together, made new friends together, and talked each other up in front of girls. One day, a different kind of girl appeared. She caught both of their eyes as she walked into Kramer’s, a cafe Jack and Jim would frequent to study, read, and catch up. Her mere presence interrupted their conversation on Keynes versus Hayek as they struggled to make sense of the wonderment that just captured their respective imaginations.

She wore a subtle sophistication in her earth-toned dress and an authentic approachability in her eyes. She took a step forward with her long, slender legs. Her back upright and her head tall over her strong shoulders, she ordered a cappuccino then stepped closer towards Jack and Jim. They quickly yet smoothly returned to their conversation, though they completely forgot what they were talking about. Instead they read the inspiration in each others eyes. She took a seat at a table just next to theirs, facing Jack but behind Jim. She reached into her light brown book bag and pulled out a book that Jack knew was a favorite of Jim’s. In Jack’s line of sight, he observed the girl’s captivated expression as she dove into that book. Jack returned his attention to Jim, remembering a similar expression on his best friend’s face whenever he would share with Jack the meaning of that book to him. Jack’s conscious stirred within him. After a moment, which could be one of the most significant of their lifelong friendship, he glanced back at Jim and gave him a wink before getting up and walking to the restroom. Jim smiled, turned around and squared his shoulders to the girl. He stood up, walked towards her and said, “Pardon me for interrupting, but you are reading my life story. My name is Jim.” His eyes warm and fixed on hers, she looked back at him, matched his comforting smile, and said, “Hi Jim, I am Yasmine. Your life story is captivating so far, yet it’s just beginning.”

Moments later, Jack returned. He approached Jim and the girl, introduced himself, and let Jim know he had to leave for a study group. Jack left Kramer’s happier than he had ever been before.


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