An Opportunity

July 27, 2016: Crisis

Alert! Alert! Oh boy. I was hoping this wouldn’t happen. Here I am, finally face to face with…her. The sounds of crowds and traffic suddenly vanished. The traffic lights, cafe’s and corner stores blurred into a nondescript haze. She was the only thing I could see, and she was looking right back at me. She was waiting for me to say something, anything. Whatever I said, she would hear. Yet I was speechless. Her eyes robbed my voice. The problem, funny enough, was that she caught me as I was desperately trying to satiate my unforgiving appetite. I was so hungry that my one-track mind could hardly process anything but my primitive mission for food. The encounter with her sent my brain into a frenzy that I could not handle. Why now? Food or the girl? A crisis situation indeed. Suddenly, my survival instinct kicked in. Why not have both? I asked her to join me, she smiled. We ate together. A crisis always presents an opportunity.



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