The Morning

July 26, 2016: Elusive

Night-me has the full hand over morning-me. Night-me can make or break morning-me, while morning-me wants nothing more than to capture the elusive morning. If night-me decides to stay up for another hour – just for the love of the night – morning-me wakes up reluctantly and the morning eludes him. If night-me thinks ahead and sacrifices his beloved accomplish-nothing time, morning-me can live the morning! Yet leaving the comfort of that soft pillow under those warm sheets in a quite morning can be daunting. Succumbing to that lazy comfort is too easy – a quality all too familiar with night-me – and the elusive morning can tick-tock away. Morning-me is determined to capture the elusive morning, however, and musters the strength to get out of bed. He yawns, stretches long and tall, opens the window and feels the cool morning mist wrap around his warm morning-face. Morning-me takes a deep breath and exhales in exaltation: the elusive morning is alive.



2 thoughts on “The Morning

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