On the Balcony

July 20, 2016: Depth

The man stood tall at the edge of the balcony. The stars flickered above him and the moon shone on the dense forest which he gazed into from above. His posture upright, his suit well pressed and fitted, his beard finely groomed and his thick dark hair well combed. He was alone on the balcony. Warm yellow lights escaped the windows behind him, along with faint sounds of gracious merriment. His face was as relaxed as serenity itself. He then heard a light footstep as she finally stepped onto the balcony in her long red dress. His body still facing the forest, he turned his head to meet her eyes. He then turned his broad shoulders toward her and carried himself forward with purpose. He set his hand on the side of her long, bare neck and gazed into her eyes, reaching the depth of his dreams.


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