Then and Now

July 13, 2016: Journey

The journey took place in his living room. It spanned four hundred years, from the rise of the Arunian Empire to its downfall and through today. It took him through the political order of each government, the culture of each geography, the attitudes of each society, and the hopes of each generation. It gave him a taste of traditional foods, a glimpse of each trading hub and a feel of ordinary citizens’ dreams and frustrations. He even fell in love. The description of Cironia‘s beauty captured his imagination and the strength of her will swept his desires. He cried when he learned of the tragic death of Xeanxis, the unlucky slave who was born in the wrong place at the wrong time, but with the right heart. He smiled when Akingtum returned home in one piece, reunited with his family who faithfully awaited his reunion. He connected the most with Seamus, who himself was in the midst of a journey trying to make sense of the world around him and how he can live a life free of conformity in a society with a history older than the Arunian Empire itself. With his heart racing yet his breath steady, he finished the last page before closing the book. He rose from his couch, walked out of the living room and out of his small apartment. He thought of CironiaXeanxisAkingtum, and Seamus as he walked around his neighborhood.


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