Olympic Torch

July 2, 2016: Burn

An old woman walked onto the track to begin the ceremony. She walked slowly, understandable for her age but with strength and a head held high. A humility occupied her face as she walked between two lines of ceremonial guards decorated with various pins, medals, and hues. She understood the significance of what she was about to do, and why she was picked to do it. She showed the world the fortitude of a woman when she broke the world record for fastest time in the famed 100 meter sprint, beating all men who had ever held that title. She showed her country that a young woman without a voice in her own country due to her gender, tribe, and religious perspectives could bring home its first ever Olympic gold medal. Change swept her country and swept the world. Half a century later, she was back on the track as she walked toward the Olympic torch, lighting a flame that had already been burning in her heart all her life.


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