An Idle Drop

June 28, 2016: Water

Falling from the sky, it ricocheted off a leaf and landed on the curb along 67th street. The impact with the concrete split the drop in three. The biggest one began to slide down into a gutter, joining trillions of other drops to form a powerful stream, from an ant’s perspective at least. Picking up pace, the drop flowed with the stream all the way downtown to 16th street. Just before the Big Gutter on the corner of 12th street and Mahfouz Avenue, the drop collided with something. In the world above, a man yelled, “Ah! I stepped in the gutter and my new loafers are soaked! Hurry, hail that cab!” The drop found itself, and thousands of over drops, stuck in a velvet material. Some drops found their way to the interior of shoe and onto other fabrics, while this drop and others remained on the outside, idle. An hour later, the drop began to split once more, this time into zillions of microscopic drops. The largest of these found itself so light that it floated in the air and followed the breeze out the window. It found itself in the atmosphere once more, idle until the world around it carries it along.


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