June 27, 2016: Deprive

He was deprived of everything he held dear. Deprived of hugs, deprived of love. Deprived of smiles, deprived of beauty. Deprived of criticism, deprived of challenge. Deprived of light, deprived of wonder. It was his own wish. He deprived himself of it all so that he can become empty. He focused on his breath.



2 thoughts on “Empty

  1. “Deprived of light..” Hmm..Count Dracula or a vampire because they are empty in fact, if viewed in a mirror they are simply not reflected and if exposed to the sun’s light they disintegrate to dust. Love never exists for them.

    Very interesting paragraph, congratulations for participating heck, writing certainly is not the easiest thing to do well it’s hard work for many!

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