Common Fencing

June 26, 2016: Fence

High noon approached and the young gentleman made his way to the gymnasium. He arrived twenty minutes before his coach, ample time to warm up and get in uniform. “Ahoy! The moment is fast arriving!” the coach boasted as he arrived with his clipboards and notebooks that contain within them generations of strategy. He was training the heir to the Family throne. A legacy of high-sportsmanship from generations of Sirs and Knights. The pair immediately undertook their pre-match routine. Moments later, another young man and his coach entered the gym. They were of modest means, apparent by their ragged clothing and rusty equipment. Immediately, they left their opponents and prepared for the duel in a different room. Finally, the main auditorium was ready for the match: the referee called the duelers to enter and their respective family and friends filled the stands – one side noble, the other common. The first round of the annual fencing competition was underway.



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