From Across the Wall

June 25, 2016: Prophecy

He took the stage with his mic, and began to speak and sing in a style unfamiliar to the residents of the western side of the wall. It took him four and a half hours to arrive from the eastern part of the divided city. Although his destination is only 4 kilometers away, the checkpoints added painstakingly long periods of suspicion, humiliation, and tests of pride and patience. When finally being deemed safe enough to mingle with the Others in the Chosen side of the city, he proceeded to Mizrahi’s Tavern where he was scheduled to perform in front of the cosmopolitan clientele, many of whom have only heard stories on what happens in the eastern side. He stepped on the stage and met the eyes of his audience before closing his own. He grabbed the microphone with a sense of purpose and let his voice connect his soul to those who heard him. Only twenty minutes later, the MC entered the stage and took the mic. Riding the raucous applause from the soul-shook audience, the MC shouted into the mic: “Give it up one more time for our Brother from across the wall, The Prophecy!“.


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