The City’s Pot

June 17, 2016: City

This morning I made my way down to Mehmet’s Cafe while the morning air was still crisp. I took a seat at a table on the sidewalk while I sipped my Turkish coffee and read the latest featured essay in The New Yorker magazine. As the pedestrian traffic began to pick up, I made my way back home, stopping at the grocery store and the dry cleaners around the corner before walking up to my sixth floor studio. I opened the window to let the sounds of the city in as I showered and got ready for the day. Onu and Bjorn will be in the Dupont area, so I’ll kick back with them and their comrades for a few en route to Puebla where my favorite band Digla is performing. Maybe she will be there, maybe not. As I lay on the grass watching all the different types of people go by, I think about how lucky I am. At the end of the day, some go back to their neighborhoods while others melt into the city’s pot.




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