Unpredictable Transformation

June 9, 2016: Transformation

It is a long-standing tradition to write a letter to your 10-year old self on your 50th birthday. On your 60th birthday, tradition has you write a letter to your 20-year old self. At age 70, to you at age 30. And so on for as long as your health allows. Children and grand-children tend to read these letters as if they were written to a reflection of themselves. They read these letters wide-eyed and full of mystery – their own voices from the future. They ponder the advice handed down to them. At age 10, remember to do this. At age 20, look after that. At age 30, you will feel this. At age 40, you will be this. A predictable transformation is foreshadowed. The unpredictable transformation lay within an untold story, unfolding as each letter is read and then written.


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