Resting Face

June 1, 2016: Angry

It was a nice, thoughtful day. I was walking along the tree-lined one-way street, admiring the well-kept gardens of the high-ceiling row-houses. The sky was blue and the temperature was warm. I had no plans for the day. I felt at ease. I spent the morning reading short stories and drinking coffee. I then wrote down thoughts I had been thinking, inspired from the stories I had been reading and the experiences I had been experiencing. After I put my pen down, I put my shoes on, grabbed my keys and walked out the door. Along the sidewalk, I continued to think about whatever thought I had. My mind felt fertile, so I planted seeds. The surrounding city street in the beautifully natural day submerged to the background of my attention, until I heard a passer-by say to me: “Smile!” I looked up to meet the passer-by’s eyes to notice that he was trying to cheer me up, but I had already been feeling cheerful. How imposing it is to interrupt my experience with a negative presumption, I thought. With one breath I kept myself from getting angry, then continued along the street.


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